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We have been the pioneers & leading manufacturers of Safety Matches in India for over 2 decades. Pure Shikakai Powder was born at home over 50 years ago - and has been tried & tested on all types of Hair. Pure Shikakai powder has been proven to improve hair texture, volume & even help with skin problems! Made with the purest of home ingredients.

Natural Ingredients


Pure Magic Formula

Pure Shikakai Powder is derived from an ancient formula using a unique blend of 24 most pure ingredients.

Say Hello to Healthy Skin

Rich in Vitamin C, A, D, E, K, which helps in growth & repair of tissues & wounds on the skin. Excellent treatment for scabies & rashes.


Pure Shikakai Powder lives up to its name – its 100% pure, no chemicals. It doesn’t even lather!

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Can I use Shampoo or any Chemicals?

We usually do not recommend our customers to use Shampoo or any other chemicals to treat your hair. It is believed that on longer usage of such chemicals can lead to other side effects and may also turn skin to be sensitive.

How often can I use Pure Shikakai Powder and can I use it on my body as well?

There are no restrictions on how often you can use the powder, since it is 100% pure & made of natural ingredients. Feel free to use it everyday.

Who can use Shikakai Powder?

Pure Shikakai Powder can be used by women, men & children.

How is Pure Shikakai Powder better than Normal Shikakai Powder?

Pure Shikakai powder’s magic formula has been passed on from generation to generation in our family for the last 50 years. Women, Men & Children of all age have found it to have an amazing effect on their hair & body. An unique blend of 24 ingredients make it stand out from the other Shikakai Powders available in the market.

What are the benefits of Pure Shikakai Powder?

Pure Shikakai Powder aids in growth & repair of body tissues & wounds in body, hence can be used in treatment of minor skin rashes.It is also believed that regular usage of Shikakai would also keep scabies at bay! Apart from that, it also has smoothing effect on your skin. If you have oily skin, it will help eradicate excess of oil content from the skin. It can also be used in treating Fungal problems on skin.
Pure Shikakai also helps in treatment of Dandruff, helps increase volume & shine of hair.

What are the nutritional contents of Pure Shikakai Powder?

Pure Shikakai Powder is high in Vitamin C. Also high in Vitamins A, D, E & K.

Can Pure Shikakai Powder help with Oily Skin?

Yes! Pure Shikakai Powder helps eradicate excess oil content of the skin. It also has the ability to fight away Fungi problems in skin.


I got this through my friend, because it is hard to get a pure shikakai powder in the market. now i have stopped using shampoos and started using pure shikakai powder which gives me the real meaning of “Ayurveda”.

Shashank D Bangalore

Though the product was not wrapped up in an attractive packing but still it was doing its job as it claimed to do. I recommend this to people who has a hair fall problem.

Mary Home Maker ( Chennai)

I ordered a pure shikakai pack online. The product was delivered on time and as it claimed it gave good results after a two week period of regular use. I’m planning to continue this product.

Payal Techie (Bengaluru)

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